The term "steampunk" was first coined by K.W. Jeter in a letter to Locus Magazine in 1987. It was a joke. it referred to himself and two of his friends and colleagues who had made a move from Cyberpunk to "Gonzo-historical" fiction.   Whilst "steampunk" had figured as a theme and style prior to this and indeed enjoyed some popularity in the late eighties the name was virtually redundant.   In the early years of this century however things changed. "Steampunk" as a name came to be attached to 3D art, costuming, gadgets and events rather than just to literature and a social scene and movement began to grow and develop.  A major catalyst in this was the online forum "Brass Goggles".  A number of the Ministry of Steampunk first met via this forum and when it became evident that there was a demand for an event in the UK for steampunks to come together and share ideas and interests the Victorian Steampunk Society was created to facilitate this.   The word Victorian was included simply because the general public had no idea what steampunk was about or represented.  In Great Britain however Victoriana is never far away.  As steampunk has grown and developed however we no longer need to include the "Victorian" as a clue and thus the Ministry of Steampunk has emerged.  We still run that event.  The Weekend at the Asylum continues to grow and develop and draws steampunks to Lincoln from around the World for four days of celebration.   The Ministry however offers much, much more too. 


We are a limited company (Chronoclasm Ltd).  That's right our company name means a disaster with time.  Pretty appropriate for a world where imagination and creativity tip their hats to history eh? The Ministry of Steampunk as an identity offers a narrative for creating a world of imagination.  Steampunk is all about weaving stories, ideas, concepts and creativity in order to develop a universe that never existed but it would be fun to live in. 


Our stated aim has always been to facilitate steampunk as best we can.  We try to offer opportunities for people to add their own creativity and imagination into this amazing world.  Steampunk is at its best when it is a community that moves forward into a bright future from a past that never really existed.  Thus we always welcome applications from people who want to bring something special to the party.  We have opportunities for traders, performers, artists, exhibitors, writers, teachers, demonstrators and just folks who want to join in with and contribute to this exercise in the imaginative.


 Now imagine if you will placing a telephone call to the Ministry to be greeted with...

"Good morning, the Ministry of Steampunk. How may I help you?"

"Erm, I seem to be having a problem with a zombie infestation."

"That would be the purview of the Department for the Apocalypse madam. May I put you through?"

"Yes, yes please..."


The Ministry in all its bureacratic tomfoolery is subdivided into various departments, offices and divisions which reflect the narrative creativity of steampunk.  As these offices etc are activated they will be described and linked below so that you can contact the appropriate section to deal with your enquiry or obtain information.